Emily Doyle is a PhD student in the Global Systems Institute funded by the A. G. Leventis Foundation. Her thesis focuses on the use of novel satellite data to quantify tropical forest degradation and carbon stocks and understanding biome-scale indicators of resilience in the Amazon. She is supervised by Tim Lenton, Ted Feldpausch, Andy Cunliffe and Tom Powell.

Jess Thomas is a Research Technician in Tropical Forest Remote Sensing. She is using Google Earth Engine to advance remote sensing of tropical forest degradation and regeneration on a project funded by Permian Global. Jess is managed by Andy Cunliffe and works with Ted Feldpausch, Tom Powell and Chris Philipson.

Glenn Slade is an MSc by Research student, developing new methods of monitoring invasive species occurrence and the reproducibility of drone photogrammetry measurements of plant canopy heights and aboveground biomass. He is supervised by Andy Cunliffe and Karen Anderson.

Guy Lomax is a PhD student in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Environmental Intelligence. His project, titled Measuring and managing rangeland resilliance with remote sensing, focusses on rangelands in northern Kenya using the Google Earth Engine platform. Guy is supervised by Tim Lenton, Tom Powell, Andy Cunliffe and Theo Economou.


Dr Fabio Boschetti was a PDRA working on the NERC-funded project Do dryland ecosystems control variability and recent trends in the land CO2 sink? Fabio used eddy covariance techniques to measure exchanges of energy, carbon and water in semiarid ecosystems in the southwestern United States, working closely with Andy Cunliffe, Richard Brazier and Tim Hill. Fabio now uses his new geospatial skills as a surveyor for the UK Ordnance Survey.